witchcraft pic #2It has seeped into every crevice of our youth’s culture: in the books they read, the movies they watch, the fashions they wear, and the social media they frequent. Is everything supernatural just fantasy? Or are the motives more sinister and the consequences more serious than we realize?

Families with older teens are invited to listen to Mrs. Pahlow on this audio-link from the Truth N Hope Parenting Seminar, as she draws from her experience as a mother, English teacher, former witch, and fervent Christian.


Pahlow Photo #2- 2014In it she gives her testimony to God’s grace from being saved out of the occult. Along with outlining God’s view on magic and witchcraft, Mrs. Pahlow also highlights topics relevant to our culture like:

  • “What wrong with Harry Potter? Isn’t it all just fantasy anyway?”
  • “Good vampires like the ones in ‘Twilight’ are okay, right?”
  • “What is up with this recent fascination with zombies?”

If you would like Mrs. Pahlow to bring “The Truth about Witchcraft” to your church or youth group, please contact her directly through this website. She welcomes every opportunity to share her story with parents and students alike.

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