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Parents, students, and teachers alike are invited to share their comments on everything from the Pahlow’s English program as a whole to an individual weekly lesson.  This may help other families know what they might expect from their own student’s “grand adventure”.

Go right ahead and brag on your kids if you want to, Moms.  Both you and they appreciate a healthy dose of encouragement now and then.

From Brandi Knippaa homeschooling mother

My daughter is in 7th grade, and we are currently using the English I curriculum by Debra Pahlow. It is fantastic! The comprehensiveness of the English program is incredible. The course includes grammar, creative writing, outlining, high school level vocabulary and spelling.

The grammar has been a dream from a teacher’s standpoint. The grammar coursework uses Easy Grammar as the student textbook and there are additional teacher resources found on slide shows included with the lessons. The included materials make it very easy to teach a lesson while being interactive with your child. The amazing way she teaches you to identify prepositional phrases makes diagramming other parts of the sentence a breeze, and makes me wish I had Debra Pahlow for my English classes in high school.

My daughter has really enjoyed the creative writing aspects of the course. Students are given a creative writing topic each week and then are asked to create an outline to help formulate the writing. A critique/grading sheet is including so that the objectives for each assignment are very clear. We have hung many writing papers on our refrigerator because my daughter is so proud of her assignments and we are too! The emphasis is on creativity and organization at this level so asking a child to write a paper each week becomes fun and not tiresome. Because of the weekly grammar sessions, the papers naturally become well rounded and structured.

The language portion of the curriculum is wonderful for training a young mind to expand their vocabulary. Each week students look up words in the dictionary and memorize the meanings for a test at the end of the week. The words are excellent examples of SAT level vocabulary words and we have found our daughter has retained the information she is learning. The sentence assignments reinforced the learning allowing for her to see the words used in real life.

Overall I am extremely pleased that we purchased Debra Pahlow’s English I. She has mastered what every homeschool parent needs in an English program – comprehensiveness, ease of use and grading, creativity and variety in the weekly work. I highly recommend this product to other homeschool parents but also as a resource for public and private school teachers who would like to expand their curriculum.

–Brandi Knippa, Lexington, Texas