Whenever someone says something clever, I am quick to say, “Ooh, that should be on a T-shirt.”  Never have I gone so far as to actually design said T-shirt myself.  But this time, it’s different.

pic - high_water

The amount of rain which fell on Texas this spring could cover the entire state with eight inches of water. That is 268,820 square miles, friends.

This T-shirt idea was first born from a time of personal tragedy and triumph.  In a previous blog post I mentioned that our home was destroyed in the Bastrop County Complex Fire in 2011.  So now after 37.3 trillion gallons of water descended on our drought-ravaged state this past spring, I am reminded of not only how much a natural disaster may take but also how much hope, strength, and resilience it leaves in the hearts of those affected by it.

Texans are special breed, both those blessed enough to be born here and those who got here as fast as they could.  Here we wave with all five fingers.  Our boys help ladies with their groceries, and our men know that jeans are worn at the waistline.  And when a neighbor is in trouble, everyone shows up with a truckload of tools and casseroles.

Besides the house burning down, those first two weeks after the fire were some of the most satisfying of my life.  Of particular note were the churches which opened their doors wide, set up cots, and dished out hot meals to refugees like me and my family for over a month.  They responded exactly as Christ intended them to, and it was a sweet sight indeed.  Such overwhelming good will poured over Bastrop from cities all over Texas.  Whether people believed in God or not, during a time of such devastation they could not help but bear His glorious image a little more brightly.

Clean-up from these recent floods will continue long after the media has forgotten them.  I know that from experience. Fortunately Texans are not short in memory or compassion.

We are overcomers.  We are from Texas.  Y’all.

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