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Tomorrow best friends Alexandra Garcia and Joshua Germenis, two former English 5 students, exchange their vows. Bless you both for your commitment to the LORD and His plan for marriage. To your peers, you are an example; to us moms, you are our hope.

The only thing better than a homeschool graduation is a homeschool wedding. For those just starting their homeschool journey, these should be attended as often as possible. For us moms already in the trenches, these are nothing less than a kiss on the cheek from Jesus Himself.

For the uninitiated, however, these events are bound to be odd. It would certainly be helpful to know what you are getting into ahead of time, so you can mentally prepare. Without any further ado, you might be at a homeschool wedding if:

  • The decorations, while elegant and thoughtful, are always homemade. Envision an assembly line of moms and students counting this as their daily Home Ec lesson. Common items used include candy, photos, books, Bible verses, and something purposefully quirky. One time there was a full-sized Tardis.
  • The setting is a venue either directly in nature or with a beautiful view of it close by. While many of you may have, I have yet to go to a homeschool wedding that actually took place in a church.
  • The bride and groom’s families have known each other for years through co-op, classes, sports, or other social outlets.
  • Over 75% of the attendees are also parents and children from said social outlets.
  • Someone in the wedding party is either barefoot or wearing Converse. Check the bride first.
  • The couple’s first kiss is at the altar. At this moment, rows of weeping moms grasp each other’s arms and whisper silent prayers for their own children.
  • The ceremony is quick, but the reception lasts forever. And there will be swing dancing.

After all, these kids have spent their whole lives living outside the norm. Why should today be any different?

As a teacher in the homeschool community, I enjoy a unique privilege. My journey with a student does not end with the school year. In the sixth grade, I teach a girl the difference between a noun and a verb. Six years and several courses later, I teach her how to write a senior thesis. When she takes the stage to deliver that speech—her final assignment in our journey together—my heart is undone.

wedding pic

Wedding Day. All Heaven was smiling.

But attending that same girl’s wedding is a joy of a different kind. Teachers may command respect but not love. To be considered a sister and a friend instead of a forgotten face in a yearbook… That is an honor I do not expect, but I treasure it more than words.

Alex, I pray for the LORD’s richest blessings on your new journey. Josh is blessed to have you by his side. Hannah, Rebecca, Olivia, Rachel, Kelley, Erin, Rebekah, Deborah, and all of my sweet students-turned-sisters, you continue to inspire and humble me.

Oh, just wait until the babies come. There’s a whole new joy—I become a grandteacher.

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  1. Reblogged this on Keep Austin Homeschooling and commented:
    Wonderfully said! Many joys are yet to be had in our home.

  2. Donna Hall says:

    My son, Jonathan, is also getting married today. You’ve pretty much described our wedding as well, except that they are getting married in a church. I’ve spent much of the week in College Station preparing for it. Hope you enjoy Alex’s wedding today. See you Wednesday. Xoxox Donna

  3. David says:

    My wife wasn’t homeschooled, but I was. 😀 Our very first kiss was at the altar. Our wedding was a little quirky, too. She’s Ukrainian, and I’m an American, so we mixed our styles in our wedding. I’m from Texas, so we both wore cowboy boots, and I got to wear blue jeans. (Blue jeans in a wedding! Every groom’s dream! 😀 )

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