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Maybe it’s because we Americans were raised on game shows. Stand too close to an Eggspert, and you’ll experience this inexplicable urge to push the buzzer.

If you teach in a public classroom or at the kitchen table…

If you teach wiggly pre-schoolers or willful teenagers…

If you teach math, science, English, or underwater basket-weaving…

Then you, my friend, need an Eggspert.

Of all the teaching tools I use, this one enjoys a lasting reputation of fun and excitement from elementary through high school. It instantly turns even the most boring, routine review into a major game-show event.

So you can best visualize its potential for your classroom, here it how it works. Each of the six colorful, half-egg shapes atop the central device is wirelessly connected to a separate buzzer of the same color. Buzzers are then distributed to the students. Once a question is asked, the first student to press his or her buzzer causes the corresponding colored egg to ding and light up. The device then ticks away five to twenty seconds to allow the student ample time to answer. In classic quiz-show fashion, the machine emits a sharp, obnoxious noise to indicate when time is up.

Using the teacher remote, I can click off that player’s egg if the answer is correct and move onto the next question. If the answer is wrong, I can click off that player’s egg and allow another student to buzz in.

In a separate mode, I can also reverse the process and choose a student at random to answer the question. Another button on the teacher remote makes the device spin quickly through all of the eggs, until it gradually arrives at one color and lights up. With all eyes and ears trained on the slowing rotation, the anticipation for both teacher and student is juicy.

Can you see your students racing to complete a multiplication fact? To spell that week’s vocabulary word? To name how many legs an arachnid has? The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.

To appeal to my older set, I have also incorporated the use of small wipe-off boards for written answers and pre-made Jeopardy-style PowerPoint games. Several times a year, this allows me the glorious opportunity to get in touch with my inner Alex Trebek.

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If you want to see a video of the Eggspert in action, you are invited to click on the above page entitled “Grammar Slam.” Students in Elementary English 4/5 enjoy a one-round Grammar Slam every five to six weeks throughout the year; English 1 students, a two-round Grand Grammar Slam to review the year’s material. Watch for the Eggspert to come out again in May for English Roots Jeopardy in English 2 and English 3… More on that exciting event as it approaches.

By far, the best testimony is the shock and sadness of my English 4 students—mostly sixteen to seventeen years old—when they hear they will not get a chance to play with the Eggspert this year.

C’mon, guys. I love you dearly, but what kind of teacher would I be if I let you go off to college thinking it was going to be all fun and games? You’ll thank me later.

Amazon carries both the wired version for under $40 and the wireless version for $85.  Even though the delay between releasing the buzzer and lighting the egg is just a split second longer with the wireless version, not having to deal with the endless tangle of black wire is well worth this inconvenience.

I’m not the Eggspert creator. Not even getting a kickback. Just a fangirl sharing the joy.

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Love English, love to teach.

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